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[A pause.]

Has anyone ever gotten that sudden rush, where you remember a whole lot of something all at once? Or you think you remember all of it, but then there's pieces missing...

Hahaha wow I'm dizzy. Okay, sitting down.

Um- well all right, I won't beat around the bush. Nami, Zack? Buffy? Draco? Meryl? What about anybody from home? Luke, Asch?

I don't need help, I'm all right to get to the village myself, but a friendly voice would be nice to listen to for the walk in. Maybe some conversation while I catch my breath. Ah, how about- hm. Your first day here in Luceti; how was it for you?
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A little tricky to be honest, but everyone seemed eager and ready to help.

[Ginji pauses for a second.] You sure you're okay?
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[By "others" he'll assume Guy means the Auldrant Allied Forces.] No, not everyone, but a lot of our friends were here when Noelle and I arrived.

Luke and Mr. Asch were actually the first people to answer over the journals.
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[And Luke's just that kind of person, isn't he? Always helping people. No, maybe it isn't so surprising it was them.]

No, not anymore. She disappeared a while ago - back in May.

[Hopefully Guy hasn't hit his head or something... Ginji still remembers helping drag (the other) him across the village to be healed and put to bed.]

Don't you remember?
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I've heard about people not remembering their previous time in Luceti, but it does seem kind of unusual for someone to remember just part of it.

Sounds likes a good deal of time might've passed between then and now.