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Name:Guy Cecil || Gailardia Galan Gardios
Birthdate:Jan 1

The Villain and the Victim

AS A SERVANT. Guy Cecil was practically raised to serve...and he loves it. He enjoys seeing people around him happy, he takes pleasure in being responsible for making them comfortable. He thrives on making others comfortable -particularly if they're having difficult lives- and he loves to mother, fuss over and care for those precious to him. It's just the type of spirit he has, one very fitting of a servant: the desire to cater to another person, fulfill their every whim to the best of one's ability, and the satisfaction of walking away from a job well done with little more than a passing thanks. In this aspect, Guy is one of the kindest, most forgiving people one could ever meet; he's compassionate, sensitive and an all-around...well, nice guy.
AS A NOBLE.Gailardia Galan Gardios is a man with a grudge that he just can't -or maybe won't- forget. He's given up his thirst for revenge, but the hatred will never fade completely, and this bothers him a great deal more than he lets on. He has quite a few worries but hell if he'll let them dictate his life; he's stubborn, blunt -when he wants to be- and secretive, and those three are a dangerous combination that make having an honest conversation with him a questionable thing. Guy can lie with the best of them, and will do so if there's a topic he'd rather avoid. He'll deter and flip the subject of the discussion so quickly or smoothly that usually the person he's speaking to won't even catch on. This isn't to say that he enjoys being deceitful...he just thinks it would work out better for all parties involved if certain information was kept to himself.

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